Playing clash royale on phone

Few days ago me and my friends was playing football outside. It was the first day of spring, weather was so good, it was sunny and we decided to use that and play football. In the early morning we was already outside. We were playing for hours and it was really great. And then something bad happened. I had a ball and I was just to score a goal when my friend Tim tried to stop me and he broke my leg. That was so painful experience, I was laying down in pain. Then Mark took me to hospital with his car and in the hospital doctor said that I will have to be at home, in bed for few weeks because my leg was broken. That was so bad to hear, I will miss all that good and sunny days and i will spend them at my bed.

My mom was watching me and every one was visiting me but still I was so bored in my bed because everyone was outside playing and I had to stay at home. After few days I started to think what can I do to make my days in bed more fun. Since I was only in my bed, computer wasn’t option and television was so boring to me. Only thing I had was my phone. One day I was on Facebook chatting with my friends and checking the new posts on the wall. I was already bored with Facebook and then I found one interesting post, it was about some game called Clash Royale. The guy who posted said that is one awesome strategy game. When I entered game I was surprised how simple this game was, simple but still interesting. After a short training camp that I passed I was able to access the real time arena. Real time arena is plays where you will fight your opponent. When you enter arena you will notice that you have three crown towers and one of them is your king tower. King tower is the most important tower. You also have your battle cards and you can use them to deploy a different type of troops.

You have to combine them wisely if you want to win battle. After every battle you will receive a chest with rewards. You will have to wait for few hours for this chest to open or you have trade your gems to make this faster. Gems and gold are your most important resources that will help you to make your progress in the game faster. You will receive them daily. But there’s one problem, after a while you will spend all your gems and you will have to wait  eternity for them to collect. There is a option, you can pay for them with your real money but that’s so stupid if you ask me. Luckily I had a better way to get them. The same guy who posted this game on Facebook also posted a link on one site with Clash Royale hack on it. This Clash Royale hack is completely free and you don’t have to pay anything. Luckily I had a better way to get them. The same guy who posted this game on Facebook also posted a link on one site with Clash Royale hack on it. This Clash Royale hack is completely free and you don’t have to pay anything. It’s also protected  so no one in the game will know that you are using this tool, you don’t have to be afraid of being banned.

How to add diamonds in MovieStarPlanet?

How to add diamonds in MovieStarPlanet?

MovieStarPlanet is one interesting social virtual game where the players can use chat rooms, upgrade skills and it is great game where the players can meet new friends. Like any other game this game provide some rules which should be followed and this game look for some criteria to be played. The players should try to have as much diamonds as they can and they should also get some Starcoins in order to become bigger star.

free games

Well one of the main problems on the players at this interesting game is to have bigger amount of diamonds. Some of the players want to add them with msp hack generator and they are generating the resources they need in very short time. This game provides you the freedom to be who you want to be. It is great game where you will meet a lot of new friends, talk with them and make your own group of friends. The game is really popular in the world and the same can be played with the use of msp hack. As for any other game there are hundreds of hacks about it and the same do not cost you nothing to be added.

To add diamonds in this game you should find some website which provide online generator for this game and add from there. Remember to always read the comments or reviews to check does it actually work. These tools are usually legit and you should not worry about any risk. Follow the rules and enjoy with the unlimited diamonds which will be added from those generators. The best part of this is that you can enjoy with all resources and unlock all locked features at this game. And all of that totally for free. You can read more information about this game on itunes info where everything is perfectly explained about this game.

You can always take some advice from the bigger players about these msp cheat tools and try to get information about them. They are usually used by bigger players so they should know exactly how the same work. You can follow the instructions by them and you will not have any problems with your gameplay. Take a note that these online generators are created by professional game developers and the same are safe to use. The same are used by almost every second player on this game and that is the secret how some of them achieve star level very fast and without any problems. Now you can become a Star in the msp game in very short time and you can enjoy with all resources in this game for free. You can beat every second player and you will also feel what actually means to be popular in this game and this virtual world. Make the difference with the use of this tips and tricks and keep them as your own weapon for your desired popularity in this social game. Do not explain on the other players how much time it takes to you to get your level and always keep that as your own tactic for your winner status.


Conquer the game with Ourworld gem codes and cheats

Conquer the game with Ourworld gem codes and cheats

Ourworld is a virtual world having a wide range of online games and activities. FlowPlay developed it with a range of casual gaming activities. In this, each player has an avatar and a condo which can be decorated and currency can be earned by talking, dancing, eating , drinking and playing games. Ourworld operates on a micro transaction business model, allowing players to purchase gems. Coins and gems are used to buy stuff for their avatar. More levels can be achieved with the gain of experience.

The Ourworld hack has the capability of generating unlimited gems and coins. The hack used to be a standalone downloadable package but with the popularity, Ourworld online gem generator is also present. Ourworld has a built in proxy support which makes it 100% free and untraceable.  The genuine Ourworld gem cheats are hard to find.

Features of Ourworld hack

  • Hack generates unlimited gems
  • Unlimited coins can be generated
  • Online Ourworld hack (non downloadable)
  • 100% safe and invisible
  • User friendly interface

Using Ourworld Hack

It is very simple and easy to use Ourworld hack tool. To use this hack, just click ‘online hack ‘button and you will be traversed to a new page on our website. It is strongly recommended to read all the information on that page before proceeding further. Now, enter your Ourworld username and also input the quantity of coins and gems you need. To take full advantage of this hack, keep the proxy box checked in; this allows the cheat to go unnoticed. Thus, Ourworld hack tool is for educational purposes only and thus we cannot ignore hacking or cheating. Ourworld hack tool can be used by the responsible users at their own discretion.

Ourworld offers many different ways to receive free gem codes. The players who sign up with the monthly free “Ourworld” newsletter are awarded a ten gem code monthly. They also get 10 gems on downloading the Ourworld game bar. Players continue to get these 10 gems weekly until the bar is uninstalled. Players can also earn Ourworld gem codes by completing tasks or watching the advertisements. Extra gems are given if players watch in game video advertisements. The amount of gems received for watching the ads also varies. Ourworld also help players in earning extra gems by completing the surveys. To earn huge amount of gems, players can buy gems using real world money.

An active affiliate program is also present allowing users to make more money. To sign up with the affiliate program is free and doesn’t require any commitment. Users can access reporting tools and banners after sign up. The banners can be placed on their websites and users also get 40 percent of the revenue generated from the referred customers.

Users can safely and conveniently access Ourworld gem cheats online and can get unlimited credits immediately. The hack works on all systems viz. Windows, Linux, Mac and many more. Generate unlimited Ourworld gem resources with this hack.

Find the best of online gaming cheats for agario – deskop and android game

The business of online gaming has grown in scale massively over the past few years. Thanks to some of the new online games coming up in the market that are grabbing the attention of all game enthusiasts due to its amazing gaming features and specialties. All modern day games are best on terms of graphics, sound, quality, innovation and unique new features that will keep you at the edge of your chair all the time. All such games can be best enjoyed with some unique new gaming cheats or hacks that are coming up in the market.
Now with so many online portals and links the question so where can you find the best of gaming cheats or online generator? There are many online portals or links available to provide some of the functional gaming cheats. Using such cheats you can unlock all hidden facilities and skip every level at own convenience. The video game cheats too evolved with time, there was a time when most used to ignore using such cheats but now very often such cheats are used. There are various benefits associated with online cheat that makes the game far simple and easy to access.

In the last few years online video game cheats evolved to whole new level. Even before the introduction of online game cheats were used with special cartridge for instance Game Genie. There were many video game hints used either accidently or discovered to make it easy enough for frequent players. It changed the way how online games are played. The present day cheats are more interactive and is considered more like bonuses in comparison to traditional gaming cheats. There are many popular gaming forums or portals available where you can find the right game cheat or hack.
Website,gaming magazines, forums published guidelines are all suitable for finding the best game cheat for any gaming enthusiast. Seeing the popularity and demand of online game there are many new gaming stores coming up where you can check out new hacks and tools that can ease your effort. Subscribing to any game portal or magazine will necessarily update you with latest tools or hacks for that particular game. There are hundreds of options available where you can enjoy some recent games as well as old classics. The best of websites cover broad range of systems as well as games making it the best source for cheats or hacks.
Whenever you look for online game cheats or hacks it is always important to be extra cautious.Only for you we made this cell mass hack.

Make sure you are downloading the hack or cheats from genuine website. Seeing the rise in demand of such cheats there are some fake websites or links coming up that are providing viruses in the name of game cheats. Such harmful files can terribly damage your system once installed. So cross check and verify the website before downloading the code. Once you have completed downloading the game cheat it is time to beat the game!

Learn About Clash Of Kings And Clash Of Kings Hack

Among the many online games, strategies games are among the most played and well-loved by avid games. Strategy games are known to challenge one’s mind and strategic skills. It can provide both the entertainment of playing computer games and challenging the mind. Thus, it is best for people who need a refresher from time to time. Strategy games are usually those actions and challenged packed ones. Usually, one has to build a strategy to defend an army or defend one’s character when playing this type of game genre.
Among the many popular strategy games online include the Clash of Kings. Perhaps you have already heard about many Clash games. These games are those that are composed of a battalion of armies, colonies and clans which one has to defend. But basically, one will be challenged to build his empire first.

images for hacking clash of kings

What Is Clash Of Kings?
The game is a new introduced strategy game. Just like any other game, one will be able to battle with other players by building his or her own empire. This is basically a fighting army type of game. The game includes rewarding time and investment. From the name itself, entitles a player to be the king of his own city which the player will build for himself. The player will need to build armies and defense like resource buildings, etc. The game is developed by Elex Inc company.
Where To Play The Game?
Clash of Kings game is a game specifically designed for Android devices. It can either be played on mobile phones or tablet devices. One can easily download this app in the play store or in many gaming website that offers the game. Basically, one can go to the official game site and download the game.

clash of kings hack free

How Do I Level Up In The Game Fast?
Strategy games are the kind of game that can really be addicting. Well, not really in a bad way. The idea of your mind being challenged makes you like to play and prove your worth even more. Thus, many people are easily hooked in this kind of game like this. One needs to level up to be able to better experience playing the game.
In leveling up, one usually needs to pass the obstacles. Normally, in strategy games one will need coins or gems to unlock certain stages or game features. One can either buy the gems, coins or game tool that will unlock many features directly in the game store in the game app itself. Buying directly from the game store will require a certain fee.
If you do not have that much dime to spend in playing strategy games, you can use Clash of Kings Hack. This is a game tool that will help you generate free code or free game tool to advance your play. The use of hack tools has been widely done by many avid players. This is because these are actually free and much convenient to many since it is also easy to use.

castle in clash of kings

Unlock all head soccer characters with this hack

Head Soccer is a free game for your android compatible phone that allows you to play head to head soccer against other online opponents. This game is great, with the overall goal being to score more points than your opponent. The game allows you to complete side missions and choose from many different characters, but the only problem is that it requires hundreds of hours of playtime to unlock the characters you want and to get enough points to play all the missions and games available. Often players get disgusted with trying to earn enough points to get the characters they want and either give up, pay using in-app purchases or look for a Head Soccer Hack to get around the requirements.
Unfortunately many of the so-called Head Soccer Hacks out there are nothing more then malware and adware which slows down the android and often completely locks your phone up. These head soccer cheats do nothing for your game, but spam you with ads and try to gather information from your phone such as contacts and personal information.
Now, there is a fantastic working head soccer online hack that allows you to get points quickly and easily, with no software to download and no worries. The head Soccer online hack is very simple to use and is nearly impossible to track (so there’s no worries about getting banned for using this hack), due to extensive proxies and constant monitoring, which means there is nothing to lead the hack back to you.
All you do is enter your user name, wait a couple of seconds, then tell it how many points you want. That’s all there is to it. Depending on the amount of points you desire it will usually take less then 2 minutes to get your points and you can us the head Soccer online app as many times as you like with no worries. So, if you enjoy Head Soccer but just don’t have the patience (or time) to play it enough to unlock all the characters and specials, then try this Head Soccer Online Hack, and you’ll be on your way to a much more enjoyable game in no time.

head soccer wikia


See that snake? That super power could be yours,without playing this games for like 2 weeks,and that means 5 hours each day. You will just need to let this program run for a few minutes and you will have same results like playing it for 2 weeks. Is it not amazing or what? Well of course it is,it must be when I say so. So just relax and enjoy,all power of head soccer android game will soon be in your hand,and you will have all control. Best thing is that this is ONLINE head soccer hack,and this means that you doesn’t mean to download anything and risk your system of getting some kind of virus. So just relax and enjoy,I am sure you will love and keep using this hack. I wish you all best in playing this new boom beach android game and don’t forget that with help of emulators you can also play it on other devices such as your deskop computer.


Track your friend with this new tracker app

First of all,to save you some time,you can go on official website and download this tracker
If you’re like me, and you have an Ask FM account, you probably have a lot of people coming to your inbox and sending you questions throughout the day. What’s frustrating, though, is that a lot of them tend to turn on the anonymous feature first, so that you can’t know who they are. Sometimes, you just wish you could find out, right? What if that person likes you? What if that person is your nemesis who wants to know things that could make you vulnerable and take you down? Or, what if you’re just constantly getting anonymous hate messages in your inbox and you’re sick of it? I’m sure you’d want a way to identify your haters so you could block them and never have to deal with them again! Even better, maybe you’d like to know where they’re bothering you from! Well, I have a fix for you! Simply follow these fast and easy instructions and you’ll never have to worry about whose questions you’re answering anymore! What we’re giving you is essentially an ask fm hack! First, go to  a website that will help you install an ask fm tracker. Next, follow the instructions on the page, which will tell you to click the “download tracker” link at the top of the page. Once you do, scroll to the “download” hyperlink and click it. The tracker should be downloaded to your computer within seconds! When that’s done, you’re going to want to open up the tracker you downloaded to extract it from the ZIP file it’ll be enclosed in. After that, run the tracker, and input your username as well as the link to the question whose identity you want to find out. All that’s left to do is click the “Track IP” button at the bottom of the tracker, and once you do, you’ll find out within seconds who’s sending you those messages, good or bad, and where they’re from. Once you find out your asker’s identity, the rest is up to you. Remember to be responsible and take only legal actions against your asker if you are looking for someone sending you hate messages. The tracker is safe and free, and comes with no malware or spam. The Ask Fm Anonymous Tracker is fast, easy, and is the best way to find out who’s sending you that love confession or trying to bully you online. So what are you waiting for? Find out who sent that sweet message today with the Ask FM tracker!

Places and islands to visit in boom beach game

Boom beach game (2)

Islands to visit in boom beach game



For those of you who don’t know,and I think that many of you really do know this,boom beach is game for phone devices with Android operating system. You can play it against other players which means that boom beach is multiplayer online strategy game for phones! Pretty cool right? I think so. Well as you know,in all strategies there are maps that you can visit and places where you can go. Today we are going talk about archipelago which is one of the most beautiful maps in this game and it is really amazing at least for me. It is really nice experience to play this game especially if you play it on bigger screen,for example if your phone have monitor over 5 inch then you will really feel all charms of this island. Let’s talk a little bit more about islands.
There are few types of it and I will mention them and explain in few works about each.


Archipelago boom beach map


*Mercenary bases are home of other players and they are different then other islands.

*Blackguard bases are generated by computer and they have only few buildings.

*Resource bases can be taken from other players and when you have them you get resources on your island

*Lt hammerman bases are found only on rare locations on your map. Once you defeat them they are never going to appear again.

*Dr terror bases,but unfortunately I don’t know a lot about these bases,I only know that dr terror apears every 14 days,or 2 weeks.Learn more about Dr. Terror !

Anyway,you will have a lot of jobs if you want to be good at this game and for that you will need resources. So you can either attack and win resources bases few times,which can be pain in the ass,or you can go and try this boom beach online hack for free!


I can only say that you need to try out hack for boom beach,it will make your life easier if this game is part of your life,and you will see that it is amazing!

Best of all it is web based and completly free,which means that you don’t have to worry about anything from now on,servers are going to do everything,you just need to lie down and watch. Process is about 2 minutes long,so you don’t have to worry about time you are going to spend waiting for these cheaats. Truly amazing work of art from some programmers and I am sure you are going to like it. You won’t have to attack all these islands any more,because you will now be free to spend your time enjoying in boom beach anroid game. That’s it about second post and I am hooping to see you again really soon. Or at least I hope that you will read my article next time. All best!

What are my future post are going to be about? And what is this blog about?

First of all,I want to say to you Welcome to my website!


These website is only for fun and it is going to be only about places and islands that you can visit or some things like. If you have anything that you whould like to say please do,or sent it on our email. To find out how to contact us click here !

So lets get started! First post is going to be about islands that you can visit in boom beach game. Lets go!

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