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Booking Terms of Conditions

Welcome! Please read the following terms carefully before using the Trip Savvy Travel   website. These terms govern your rights and responsibilities when using our website. By visiting and using our website, you are deemed to have accepted the following terms.

How to use it?

1. Choose a Holiday to Suit You

Decide on an itinerary you like. Browse our range of Trip Savvy Travel itineraries. If you cannot find one that suits you then we are happy to design your own holiday at no extra cost for this depending on if you chose extra services, upgrade accommodation etc.

2. Make an Enquiry with your inquiry, we try to answer all emails within 24 hours, or you can text via Whatsapp line below. We are also happy to call you and chat about your itinerary.

3. Make a Booking

Once happy with your choice we ask you to pay a deposit, usually 40% of the cost of your holiday. This secures your holiday. We can then commence arranging your itinerary and booking your accommodation. For bookings with less than 6 weeks to go before your holiday start date we will require payment in full.

You are welcome to make a bank transfer (BACS) or pay by a debit or credit card.

Flights are not included in our holidays. If you would like any help sourcing your flights to Türkiye please let us know and we can do some searches on your behalf.

4. Unused Services

With respect to accommodations, meals, sightseeing trips, transportation, or any other services included in the tour price but not utilised by the tour members, no refunds or exchanges are allowed.

5. Luggage Services

When we offer our guest “luggage transfer services, it means per person allowed 1 suitcase and one small rucksack/bag. more than that per person we might have an extra charge for each bag. Please inform us before your flight. You can pay extra bag cost once you arrive in Türkiye by cash, no problem. 

6. Insurance

We do recommend you have holiday insurance to cover unexpected occurrences, such as illness or accident. Your deposit is non-refundable. We are happy to support any details through your holiday insurance company, should you need to claim a refund.

7. Daily Tours

Our company does not take any responsibility for any loss of belongings or accidents that may occur during these holidays.

We strongly recommend all participants have their own travel insurance to cover any unexpected eventualities. We reserve the right to change the itinerary details. This is usually to alter the location of a day hike. In the unlikely event that we change the number of nights advertised, a proportionate refund will be given.

Often food is included in our trips, and it is up to you to inform us of any dietary requirements. We will inform accommodation providers and try to accommodate them.
Any advice and opinion given during the tour belongs to the tour guides, and does not reflect our opinion.

8. About your Tripsavvytravel Holiday Booking

The booking you make is accepted on the terms that you understand the possible risks and hazards of such a holiday. Your day-to-day agenda and the purpose of this trip are taken as an aim and not as a contractual obligation. It must be accepted that delays and alterations are sometimes not possible to avoid. It is very important that we are made aware of any medical conditions, physical or mental disabilities for you or your group prior to accepting your booking. Certain holidays will provide a greater physical challenge and you must ensure that any activity selected by you, or any members of your party is suitable for those who are taking part. Please make us aware if you have any special requirements. For example, in your diet, we can then do our best to accommodate this. Travel arrangements are not included in your itinerary. They are your responsibility and do not form part of your holiday. We are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur on your holiday. Any guidance or advice we may provide for you is done so in good faith and as such we do not hold any liability for it.

9. Confirmation of your holiday

We will confirm receipt of your deposit. Our information pack is emailed to you usually 4-6 weeks prior to your holiday start date. You will also receive a balance payment request. We ask you to pay this promptly, please. If your holiday booking is less than 6 weeks prior to your holiday start date, then we usually request payment in full. Your itinerary will be completed as soon as we are able, and the information pack emailed to you.

10. After your holiday

We trust you will have a great Tripsavvytravel Holidays experience. Please let us have your comments and any photos you may wish to send us of your holiday. We love to hear from you. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspects of your holiday, please let us know as soon as possible. We do not want our guests to be unhappy. If we can remedy the situation, we will do our best to do so.

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