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  • Should balloon tours be booked in advance?
    Since the balloon tour is the most popular activity in Cappadocia, it is in your best interest to book in advance so as not to encounter surprises.
  • Do balloons land where they depart?
    Because the route of a balloon is determined by the wind, hot air balloons do not land where they depart.
  • What should be worn on the balloon tour?
    Balloon tours start in the early hours of the morning and balloons can rise up to 1400 metres from the ground, so you should choose comfortable clothes and shoes that will keep you warm.
  • Is there room to sit in the basket?
    Hot air balloons are designed without seats.
  • In what cases will balloon tours be cancelled?
    The General Directorate of Civil Aviation decides whether balloons can fly that day by looking at the wind speed.
  • Are the participants of the balloon tour insured?
    All guests are insured from the moment they are taken from the hotel until they return to their hotels at the end of the tour.
  • Can children participate in balloon tours and is there child discount?
    Unfortunately, children under 6 years are not allowed to participate in balloon tours. Children at the age of 7 and older also pay full fees as balloons have a limited capacity.
  • Can we pay by credit or debit card?
    We recommend that you make your payments in cash in Turkish Lira, dollar, euro, etc. currencies. Because all balloon companies charge an additional fee for card payments.
  • Will the fee we pay be refunded in full or any deduction is made when the balloon is cancelled?
    If the balloon flight is cancelled, the amount you pay will be refunded with the currency you pay and without any deductions.
  • If we give up riding a balloon at the last minute, can we get a refund?
    If you give up attending the balloon tour at the last minute or wake up late in the morning, the no-show will be applied and the fee you pay for the balloon tour will not be refunded.
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