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Distance Sales Agreement

Reservation and tour contract

This service agreement has been entered into by and between Veliaht Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi (referred to as 'Trip Savvy Travel' in this agreement) and our customer who makes a reservation through our website, our social media accounts, email accounts, WhatsApp, or telephone line (referred to as the 'Website' in this Agreement) and is referred to as the 'Customer' in this Agreement.


If the Customer has paid the full amount or the deposit amount to Trip Savvy Travel during the reservation or within the specified periods, the parties are deemed to have entered into force the provisions of this agreement, and the Customer is committed to acting in accordance with the conditions specified below.


If the Customer has not made any payment during the reservation or within the specified periods, the reservation requests are not considered approved, and this agreement is deemed not to have entered into force. In such a case, Trip Savvy Travel cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience that may arise.

Contract Content

1– General problems and functions of the service

  • 1.1 Trip Savvy Travel undertakes to provide the services or services for which the customer makes a reservation, as advertised on the website, including the specified route and tour content.

  • 1.2 The Customer agrees, declares, and undertakes to fulfill the provisions specified in this agreement, as well as other terms and conditions announced regarding the organization they will participate in.

  • 1.3 The service provided by Trip Savvy Travel includes the departure time and date, estimated return time, and places to be visited, as advertised in the relevant tour details section on the website. The services included and not included in the tour fee are listed in the relevant tour details on the website.

  • 1.4 The detailed tour itinerary is an integral part of this agreement, and the customer is considered to have accepted this agreement at the time of making the reservation.

  • 1.5 Trip Savvy Travel may change the sequence and time of visiting places if deemed necessary before the start of the tour or during the tour, provided that it falls under the category specified in the tour program on the Website, without prior notice.

2- Booking and payment conditions

  • 2.1 Reservation and payment for the relevant service advertised on the website by the customer, and approval of these transactions by a Trip Savvy Travel representative, result in the acknowledgment and acceptance by the customer of this agreement and the related travel programs. In this way, reservations and sales become final and binding.

  • 2.2 A customer making a reservation on behalf of multiple individuals or a group is responsible for providing complete information regarding the terms and conditions, detailed program, and obtaining the consent of the other individuals for whom reservations are made. It is assumed that other individuals are aware of their own duties and responsibilities. The customer is responsible for disputes arising from the shortcomings of other individuals, but Trip Savvy Travel cannot be held responsible in any way.

  • 2.3 Payment dates, amounts, and methods are specified in each detailed tour program.

  • 2.4 If payments need to be made in Turkish Lira (TRY-₺) instead of a foreign currency, the TCMB exchange rate will be used.

  • 2.5 Bank fees, commissions, and transfer fees, as well as costs such as service provider deductions that arise differently from the tour price paid by the customer during payment, are the responsibility of the customer. The amount to be paid to Trip Savvy Travel is specified on the website.

  • 2.6 Trip Savvy Travel is obliged to arrange mandatory travel insurance for staying customers. Since such insurance is not available for tours lasting less than 24 hours, insurance is provided only for accommodation tours. The provisions stated in this insurance contract apply. If the customer cannot determine the sufficient conditions of the mandatory travel insurance, they can purchase separate insurance. However, in this case, customers cannot request cancellation or premium refund from Trip Savvy Travel.

3- Mandatory Changes and Tour Cancellations Arising From Them

  • 3.1 Trip Savvy Travel cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly from any adverse or unforeseeable consequences due to natural disasters (earthquake, flood, fire, typhoon, landslide, etc.), emergencies (war, terrorism, etc.), public movements (strike, march, road closure, etc.), health issues (epidemic, quarantine, etc.), extraordinary weather conditions (heavy snowfall and blizzard, fog, severe storm, lightning strike, etc.), travel warnings, and intergovernmental diplomatic issues and tensions, as well as the liquidation of any reserved transportation company and/or hotel. However, Trip Savvy Travel is responsible for its own obligations. Trip Savvy Travel cannot assume material or moral liability. For these reasons, Trip Savvy Travel reserves the right to change or cancel the tour.

  • 3.2 Unlike agreements between Trip Savvy Travel and all transportation vehicles, Trip Savvy Travel cannot assume responsibility for delays, breakdowns, accidents, personal faults, etc., of Trip Savvy Travel drivers, and no material or moral responsibility can be attributed to Trip Savvy Travel. Trip Savvy Travel cannot be held responsible for any changes, delays, or cancellations that may occur during flight hours. The customer acknowledges and assumes that changes and arrangements can be made by the airline within the framework of international aviation rules during flight hours.

4- Trip Savvy Travel and Customer Cancellation Conditions

  • 4.1 The customer is obligated to make the payment within the specified period. Trip Savvy Travel reserves the right to cancel the reservation of customers who do not make payments on time.

  • 4.2 In case the customer delays payments due to compelling reasons, Trip Savvy Travel cannot apply any form of late payment interest. However, the customer must pay the full reservation amount up to 1 day before the start date of the tour.

  • 4.3 If Trip Savvy Travel cancels a reservation for any valid reason, it will refund all payments received from the customer (excluding airplane, concert and event tickets, and hotel fees).

  • 4.4 Trip Savvy Travel has the right to cancel the tour without the customer's consent, and only by informing the customer, starting from the tour date; 2 days before day tours, 2 days before city tours, 2 days before domestic tours, and 15 days before international tours. In such a cancellation, Trip Savvy Travel is obliged to refund the fee paid by the customer. However, the customer cannot claim compensation for the cancellation. Trip Savvy Travel is not responsible for any damages arising from the customer's upgrades or mileage use in flights and hotels.

  • 4.5 For any reason, if the customer cancels the tour 3 days before day tours, 3 days before city tours, 3 days before domestic tours, and 20 days before international tours, the full amount paid will be refunded. Refunds are made to the account or credit card used for payment to Trip Savvy Travel within 30 business days from the date of cancellation.

  • 4.6 In the event of cancellations made by the customer for any reason after the dates specified in clause 4.5, the customer commits to pay the remaining balance of the tour fee, and the payments made so far will not be refunded.

  • 4.7 The customer can transfer the purchased tour to another person; 3 days before city tours, 20 days before domestic tours, and 30 days before international tours. Trip Savvy Travel undertakes to make every effort to extend this period in favor of the customer. The transferee is jointly responsible with the transferor for the payment of any costs arising from the transfer process. The transferee is bound by the terms of this agreement, even if there is no signature on this agreement and forms.

  • 4.8 The refunded amount to the customer is made in the currency in which the customer made the payment to Trip Savvy Travel.

5- Trip Savvy Travel and client defects

  • 5.1 Trip Savvy Travel commits to refunding all fees paid by the customer in the event of non-compliance with the terms of this agreement, excluding the reasons specified in Articles 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  • 5.2 If the customer proves that they were unable to receive any of the services included in the tour program due to the faults or negligence of individuals representing Trip Savvy Travel (such as guides, drivers, tour leaders, etc.), Trip Savvy Travel will refund the corresponding part of the tour fee to the customer. However, if the customer cannot substantiate their complaint, they forfeit the right to refund and reimbursement.

  • 5.3 The customer is responsible for all consequences arising from delayed payments and the non-timely and complete delivery of documents. In such cases, Trip Savvy Travel reserves the right to cancel this agreement and the customer's participation in the tour.

  • 5.4 The customer guarantees that the information and documents provided to Trip Savvy Travel are accurate and complete. Trip Savvy Travel uses this information and documents in tourism organizations. Legal liabilities arising from the falseness, inaccuracy, or incompleteness of these documents belong to the customer.

  • 5.5 The customer is responsible in case of any prohibition, arrest at the airport, detention, or apprehension at the border by the court or law enforcement for any reason and cannot request a refund or reimbursement.

  • 5.6 The customer is responsible for being ready at the specified meeting point at the specified start time of the tour, not missing their flight, or being late for any reason. In such cases, the customer cannot hold Trip Savvy Travel responsible or request a refund.

  • 5.7 Trip Savvy Travel is not responsible if the customer abandons the tour for personal reasons or does not want to stay at the designated hotel.

  • 5.8 The customer cannot be held responsible for health issues. In case of cancellation requests due to health problems that may arise just before the start date of the tour, a refund will be made within 30 days after the submission of a health report obtained from relevant health institutions to Trip Savvy Travel. It is the customer's responsibility to assess the suitability of the tour program and journey from a health and physical fitness perspective.

  • 5.9 The customer is responsible for any material damage caused by them on the vehicles and all kinds of equipment used in the tours, hotels, and other establishments. Trip Savvy Travel cannot be held responsible for any obligations or compensations arising from this.

  • 5.10 All expenses not included in the detailed tour program fee are the responsibility of the customer and must be paid.

  • 5.11 The customer is responsible for the security of all documents and valuables, such as identification, passport, driver's license, purchased or already in possession during the tour. Trip Savvy Travel cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of these items.

  • 5.12 Tour guides are obliged to provide clear information about the course of the tour. The customer assumes responsibility for not hearing, forgetting, or deliberately violating general announcements during the tour.

  • 5.13 The customer commits to respecting the rules of the tour program, the rules of the country and location they are in, and the rights of other individuals on the tour. The customer is responsible for any problems or damages arising from non-compliance, and Trip Savvy Travel and other customers are not liable.

6- Dispute

  • 6.1 The provisions of this agreement are governed by Turkish law.

  • 6.2 In any disputes arising from this agreement, the records of Trip Savvy Travel will be accepted as conclusive evidence.

  • 6.3 Nevşehir courts and enforcement offices have jurisdiction over the resolution of any disputes arising from this agreement.

* Trip Savvy Travel reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.​

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