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Electronic Message Notification 

Dear Visitor

As Trip Savvy Travel , we care about the privacy and preferences of our valued customers. For this reason, we may need to send electronic messages to communicate with you and to provide you with the best service. You can find our electronic message notification below:

How to use it

1. Message Types:

We would like to inform you about our new services, updates, special offers and important industry-related information via e-mail, SMS, push notifications or other electronic communication channels.

2. Approval:

We will obtain your consent to determine whether you agree to receive electronic communications. When you indicate that you wish to receive communications, we may contact you through these channels.

3. Cancel:

If you prefer not to receive electronic messages, you can let us know by managing your communication settings. You have the right to change your preference to receive messages at any time.

4. Privacy and Security:

Your contact information and preferences will be managed in accordance with our privacy policy. Your information will never be shared with third parties or used for commercial purposes.

5. Preference Changes:

If you wish to change your electronic message preferences or opt-out of receiving electronic messages, you can contact us via our contact information.

6. Communication:

For any questions, comments and suggestions, please contact us at


If you would like to update your preferences for electronic message notification or opt-out of receiving messages, please log in to your account to manage your communication preferences.



Trip Savvy Travel 

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