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Urgup travel guide

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Urgup travel guide

Urgup is the tourism center that has been considered as the heart of Cappadocia since the past and is perhaps the most interesting tourist destination of the region. If you want to spend your time as effective as possible in Urgup, where you can visit and see such as The Famous Mansion, Asmali Konak, Wish Hill (Temenni Hill),Three Beauties Fairy Chimneys, and festivals such as Urgup Bag Bozumu Festival,Cappadocia Balloon Festival, we recommend that you read our urgup travel guide article.

Urgup attractions

We can divide the attractions in Urgup as places within Urgup district center and Urgup district boundaries. The central spots are very close to one another and can be reached on foot. Other points are accessible by car or tours. In this article, we have prepared a travel route where you can easily drive around and take half a day in the center of Urgup. You can use your time in Urgup in the most efficient way by following the Urgup travel guide route we have created.

Temenni hill (Wish hill)

Temenni (Wish) Hill Kilicarslan Gazi Tomb

We begin our trip with Temenni (Wish) Hill, which offers a panoramic view to Urgup. The Wish Hill hosts the tomb of the Anadolu Seljuk ruler Kilicarslan built in 1288 and an exhibition that features old photographs of Urgup. It will be a pleasant experience to sip your tea or coffee while enjoying panoramic views of Urgup on Temenni Hill.

Medreseli Yahya Efendi Mosque

Medreseli Yahya Efendi Camii

Medreseli Yahya Efendi Mosque, which will remain on your right as you go down to the center after touring Temenni Hill was built by Yahya Efendi in 1400 and is also known as the Prison Mosque because it was used as a prison in the past. Built with a smooth cut stone, it also has a madrasah. It is possible to say that the mosque, where religious works in different languages are offerred to tourists, has become a tourist attraction.

Urgup museum

The next stop of our Urgup trip is Urgup Museum,which is located in the district center and you can reach it on foot. This museum, which does not have an entrance fee, exhibits various works from the prehistoric period to the Ottoman period. We recommend that you stop by the museum to see the mammoth tooth fossil, one of the museum’s most remarkable works.

Three beauties fairy chimneys

Three Beauties is one of the top 5 places in the world to take selfies

Our last stop in the center of Urgup is the Three Beautiful Fairy Chimneys. Located about a 5-minute drive from the center of Urgup, the Three Beautiful Fairy Chimneys are a must-visit and photographed spot by both local and foreign tourists. The story of these fairy chimneys, which resemble three people next to each other, is as follows: The beautiful daughter of Cappadocia fairy sultan falls in love with a shepherd. His father, of course, doesn’t approve of this relationship. The princess marries the shepherd by standing up to her father, and they have children. His father, who hears this, gets even more angry and sends his soldiers to find his daughter and the shepherd. The princess, who sees the soldiers, begs God not to separate her family. His wish is accepted and the three beauties become fairy chimneys…

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